RECREATE differs from many builders and construction businesses in the Bristol and Bath area because our work is underpinned by a philosophy:

Everything has a past, present and future

Seems a bit deep? We think not. And here's why…

Past – respecting our heritage

Stop for a second. Look around you. We're living in history. And, as far as RECREATE is concerned, our built environment is worth protecting and preserving. Why build new – wasting resources, time and money – when you can breathe life into existing structures? We believe in sympathetic restoration, making the most of historic structures to give them a new lease of life.

Present – making the most of resources

Respecting the past should never mean looking backwards. By using very best of today's technology to create unique homes, business premises and leisure facilities that become great places to live and work. Whether we're saving you money with better insulation, ventilation or bringing old buildings to life with sleek, contemporary updates, we're committed to making your present a more enjoyable place to be.

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Future – being responsible

The choices we all make today make a real impact on the world around us. Sustainability underpins our practice – we'll discuss sustainable options and practices with you, letting you make an informed choice about what's right for your home or business. By making small changes today we can make a big difference tomorrow… and doing the right thing by the planet can be good for your pocket, too.