Here at RECREATE, we believe in making construction as easy as possible.That's why we've put processes in place to see us deliver exceptional customer service, from quote to completion.

Here is how it works:

Quote and consultation

  • Contact us for a quote, and we'll be in touch within one working day to find out more about your requirements. In almost all cases, we'll provide an estimate within 7 days of initial contact – if it's likely to take a little longer due to complexity or involvement of third parties, we'll let you know straight away.

Sustainability recommendations

  • We may – if appropriate – make suggestions on eco measures. For example, if you're looking at a new heating system, we might talk you through sustainable ideas like solar panels as well as more traditional options.

Bespoke construction

  • Not words you'd associate with construction. But RECREATE is committed to setting new standards in our industry, and making what can be a disruptive time as hassle-free as possible from your perspective.

Third parties – partners and suppliers

  • RECREATE carefully vets partners and suppliers – we only work with people who share our values and quality standards, and manage all relationships on your behalf.

Small but perfectly formed

  • If you're happy with our quote, we'll provide a project outline and timeline. Once this is agreed, we'll move into construction.

Completion and feedback

  • A finished job isn't the end of the process. RECREATE is 100% committed to customer satisfaction, so we'll set a review date X weeks after completion – so we can be sure that you're 100% satisfied. We'll take you out for coffee or lunch, check you're happy with our work and ask about your experience, learning what's worked well, and where we can improve further.