What is sustainable construction?

Construction that makes minimal impact on the planet. It means sourcing and using materials responsivbly – it's 'green' or 'eco-friendly' building.
Learn more in the Eco section of the site.

Do you work with the trade?

Yes – as a subcontractor or sustainable practice consultant. Find out more.

Do you use subcontractors?

Yes, though not often. We only subcontract for particularly specialist elements of jobs, as the RECREATE team is multi-skilled.

Why is RECREATE so affordable?

By ensuring there is no fat in our projects, we deliver exceptional quality to without charging excessively. We keep our costs down by running a small, multi-skilled team, and sourcing sustainably and intelligently, and keeping projects to tight timescales. This saves us time and money – and we pass these savings on to you.

Which areas are covered?

Bristol, Bath, much of Somerset and Gloucestershire, and South Wales. See in more detail here.

Where do you source materials?

We source materials locally wherever possible, though when it's more economically and ethically sustainable to look further afield, we will do so. Sourcing is something we will discuss with you throughout the process – we'll provide options, and let you decide what's best for your project, budget and personal ethics.

Which suppliers do you use?

RECREATE works with a number of renowned UK-based and continental suppliers. See them here.

Are you ok with pets?

Of course. We love dogs in particular – you can even leave us instructions for feeding and toilet breaks if you work long hours!

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