Decorating – and wall/ceiling repairs, coverings and preservations – is a RECREATE specialism.

    Our decorating services include:
  • Traditional finishes
  • Specialist techniques, including including stucco and lime plaster/paint
  • Brush work
  • Roller work
  • Specialist paint removal and restoration work


In recent years, there's been a real renaissance for traditional materials. RECREATE believes in learning from the best of the past, and is expert in natural paints, including clay paints and natural pigments. These paints contain no VOCs – which can harm you and the environment – and allow structures to 'breathe' naturally. This is much better for the fabric of the building, and can help building to breath.

Restoration and renovation

RECREATE has a genuine passion for preservation – we love bringing disused spaces back to life. So if you've a renovation project on your hands, we'd love to help you return it to its former glory. Chris is experience in traditional colour schemes, and can recommend pigments, paints, wall coverings and techniques sympathetic to your property's period and personality.