"It's not enough to have a handful of heroes, what we need is generations of responsible people"– Richard Lamm

That's what sustainability and responsible eco building is all about for RECREATE – all of us making small changes today to safeguard our environment tomorrow. But why? And how did the company come about? On this page, you can learn all about our background, how and why we began, and what inspires us.

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RECREATE – bringing buildings back to life

Christoph brought together a team of likeminded specialists with the aim of sharing continental expertise and sustainable techniques. The big objective? Reducing waste, reusing old structures to boost UK housing stock, delivering sustainable luxury.

Affordable, holistic, environmentally responsible

RECREATE believes that doing the right thing shouldn't be difficult. Or expensive. So if you've always discounted eco options because you're worried about costs, talk to us. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Company background

Founder Christoph has worked in construction since University graduation. After an apprenticeship in roofing, he moved into bespoke joinery, and set up a garden house business that expanded to cover West Poland, and exported worldwide. However, Christoph isn't one to stand still. Next came complete renovations of historic Scandinavian timber houses in remote regions of Norway, then sustainable new-builds (residential and commercial) for a leading German manufacturer. Every co-worker had work flexibly and be fluent in every trade to increase efficiency and drive costs down… the seed for RECREATE was planted. Read more on the our philosophy page.