Recreate offers a full portfolio of ecologically responsible construction services.

In fact, sustainability lies at the heart of our philosophy. What's more, our eco building, sustainable renovation and green restoration services are all surprisingly cost-effective to install and run.

Doing the right thing today

We believe that going green shouldn't mean ending up in the red. And it should never mean compromising on quality, finish or comfort.
RECREATE founder Christoph Przybysz has specialised in affordable eco construction for the past five years, building a wealth of knowledge and experience in continental 'green' building techniques before setting up here in the UK in RECREATE in 2004. And you can benefit…

Reaping the rewards tomorrow

Chris and the team can help you make the most of resources, reduce your carbon footprint and in the long term, save money. It's good news for you. And it's good news for the planet. So read on, and find out more.

Over the following pages you can learn more about the sustainable services we offer, and discover the specialist suppliers we work with. And if you want to discuss your eco-building project, please get in touch .