RECREATE offers a holistic, continental approach to heating and hot water supply. Though we can help with simple boiler installations, upgrades and services, we can also look at how effectively you heat and insulate your home or business.

More heating choices As gas and electricity become increasingly expensive, as a consumer, you enjoy more options to keep warm than ever before. We can talk you through the benefits of , helping you weigh up the pros and cons for today and tomorrow. We're fully versed in the latest continental techniques, so can advise on options less common here in the UK.

Surprising ideas…

Ever considered using a woodburning stove to heat your water and power your underfloor heating? It's possible, and if you have access to a sustainable wood source, both affordable and environmentally friendly. What about xxxxxxxx

Insulating to reduce waste and costs

Take a look at the insulation page to see how much insulation can help – by making the most of the heat your chosen source creates, you spend less and make less impact on the environment.

Fires and burners

We also provide a cost-effective installation service for traditional fireplaces and woodburning stoves. Source your own, or talk to RECREATE about suppliers including . You can see all the suppliers we use here.

Beautiful lighting needn't cost the earth. In fact, with the right products and the best advice, you can create spectacular lighting that's energy efficient and low impact. See what we mean in the gallery section.

Products and suppliers

We have strong relationships with suppliers including xxxxxxxx , delivering quality, performance and great value.