RECREATE can work with your business however you want us to.

However, we do have some well-established processes in place that you can take advantage of, if it suits you.

Reaping the rewards tomorrow

Chris and the team can help you make the most of resources, reduce your carbon footprint and in the long term, save money. It's good news for you. And it's good news for the planet. So read on, and find out more. .

Reliable, high quality works

When you work with a consultant or subcontractor, it's your reputation on the line. We understand and respect that. We promise that we will:

  • Deliver high quality works, guaranteed
  • Be polite and punctual at all times
  • Work to current H&S standards
  • Be trained and up-to-date with current practices
  • Hold all relevant certifications
Over the following pages you can read more about our services to trade. You can discover our consultancy services – eco construction and continental methodologies – and read about our process, and how it makes life easier for you.